Action 5: Tell politicians exactly what you want, and ask them to take the “10-Triple-P” defeat-fascism pledge… and then tell your community their responses

If you don’t tell politicians exactly what you want, how can you expect them to do what you want? And once you tell them, tell everyone else WHAT THEY SAID. Doing so makes them accountable.

The ten-point politician pledge (10-triple-P) to defeat fascism: I will…

1. Work to ensure that police investigate, prosecute, and convict fascists for their plans to commit crimes, and the crimes they do commit

2. Work to require police to forward all hate crime complaints to Statistics Canada, not just hate crimes they deem founded

3. Work to make Statistics Canada annually repeat the General Social Survey on Victimization so the Canadian government can accurately analyze the effects of hate groups on Canadian citizens and residents

4. Refuse to provide platforms for or share platforms with hate groups and their speakers, or be photographed with members of hate groups

5. Refuse to receive money from extremists and hate groups or their volunteer work on political or other campaigns

6. Refuse to speak to or appear on hate media

7. Refuse to hire (or contract with) personnel from hate media to work on political campaigns or in government

8. Work to end carding, which is racial and religious profiling that undermines the safety and well-being of law-abiding citizens and residents, and which attacks the same vulnerable people whom fascists attack

9. Oppose laws and regulations that attack the freedom to work for government or business, or access government services or business goods and services, because of aspects of identity such as religion or religious clothing, gender, race, sexuality, sexual identity, or physical ability

10. Publicly support and seek ways to fund individuals and organizations working to stop fascist recruitment and actions

How can you use and/or modify these tactics for your union, faith community, club, school, workplace, family, or other groups?

How can you reduce barriers to solidarity so that more people can support you, and you can support more people who want to organize, fight, and win?

Share your ideas with others in the struggle!