Action 6: Support journalists and their investigation and reporting on fascists, and share their reports

6A. Tweet and email journalists doing a good job.

Public praise gives journalist proof to show their editors and producers that the public supports for their difficult (and emotionally draining) work. When you show your support, it’s easier for them personally and professionally to keep doing much-needed journalism.

6B. Financially support independent journalists

Groups such as Anti-Racist Canada are doing excellent work monitoring and exposing fascists, but ARC has almost no support. Help them the good fight for the cost of one pizza a month, or a cup of coffee, or whatever you can spare.

“A group of diverse but like-minded individuals, the members of ARC have come together in their common desire to fight hatred, bigotry, intolerance and violence because of the harm these antisocial behaviors cause to our society. In that effort, we will not use or sanction the use of illegal actions (such as violence or intimidation) in pursuit of our desired aims and if we learn of anyone who does use these unethical methods we will report those individuals to the authorities. Instead, we will use the guarantees found in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that ensure freedom of legal speech and expression.

“Our contact email is arc(dot)collective200(at)gmail(dot)com for anyone interested in getting in touch with us.

“The purpose of Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) is a desire to fight hatred, bigotry, intolerance and violence because of the harm these antisocial behaviors cause to our society. In that effort, ARC will not use or sanction the use of illegal actions (such as violence or intimidation) in pursuit of those desired aims. ARC will use the guarantees found in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that ensure freedom of legal speech and expression.”

“Founded in 2000 by Daryle Lamont Jenkins, One People’s Project’s mission is simple: to research and report on who’s who and what’s what regarding right-wing groups, individuals, and activities. We encourage society to be vigilant against them in an effort to diminish their ability to function. When dangerous groups do not encounter resistance the result can be immeasurable harm. Working with our news source, we have been a go-to source for anyone wanting to learn more about the hate politics in today’s society. One Peoples Project aims to grow and organize against hate everywhere.

You can contribute now to help keep us going. Or sign up for our community watch to stay aware of any hate activity in your area. 

“One People’s Project “Community Watch” is our national database of grassroots supporters and sponsoring organizations who are then alerted to hate group activity in their area by signing up here. After that we will help contact others to make sure that the community can defend itself, and we hold those responsible accountable. Report bonehead activity in your area so that we can alert others. As a result, we will all be a part of making sure the hate has consequences. You can help. You can be part of One People’s Project. 

Alt-Right: Age of Rage - After decades of activism Daryle has become the subject of a few films. Prior to this new spotlight Daryle worked for decades to expose hate. With One People’s Project he is including others, making sure that future generations can be safe from racism. Daryle’s work the short film Skin was recently nominated for a 2019 Academy Award! His work was also documented for the film “Erasing Hate” and “Alt-Right: Age of Rage”.

“During the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency Daryle Lamont Jenkins combats the Alt-Right movement. While Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer fights to gain ground, culminating in a showdown in Charlottesville, Va. Order Your copy of “Alt Right- Age of Rage” Here!

“Building a Grassroots Anti- Fascist Resistance: One People’s Project is working to grow out of this recent exposure and become an established resource for fighting the racist right. The white supremacy we face in our country has infected our schools, our government, our law enforcement agencies, and more. An increased presence of One People’s Project can create a safer and more peaceful world for all of us.

“Idavox- The Media Outlet of One People’s Project - Our News Media Outlet keeps us up to date on some of the  more dangerous elements of the Alt-Right and various hate groups around the country and internationally. The fascist movement around the world is more organized than most Americans want to believe. We expose it to make sure people take these threats seriously. 

“Please watch this video from Daryle Lamont Jenkins about helping launch One People’s Project into a bigger force in 2019.”

Daryle Lamont Jenkins For One Peoples Project 2019 Fundraiser "Community Watch"

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6C. Document hate incidents

In Alberta, visit

“Given the recent attention to hate-related incidents in Alberta, there is a significant need to document these incidents. The purpose of the #STOPHATEAB website is to fill this gap and create a space to document. Using our online form, users can document hate incidents, and can help build our “real-time” map of documented hate incidents.

“Information generated from the #STOPHATEAB website will support the outreach and education initiatives of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee.

“IMPORTANT: If you have been a victim of a HATE CRIME please report this to your local police department.

“To learn more about the Alberta Hate Crime committee, or to request a training workshop, please click here.”

6D. If you’re a journalist, protect yourself.

For USians: Members of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) encourage people to contact them if they are legally threatened by the Alt-Right.

“So what can journalists do to protect themselves, especially when their employers and contractors seem to be doing so little for them? Besides letting evil win, hiding offline is impossible, because the modern job of journalism demands online engagement. So Michelle Ferrier, an associate professor at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism of Ohio University, founded TrollBusters, which offers, if not a cyber-shield, at least cyber-buttressing (The Signal, 11/10/16):

“‘If a journalist has been trolled, they report it on the website and their social media page is then flooded with positive messages sent from the people at TrollBusters. Ferrier says this is an ‘emotional hedge of protection.’ TrollBusters also sends out tips on how to fight trolls, with a focus of helping targets maintain their online presence.’”

“TrollBusters can be particularly helpful for freelancers who don’t necessarily have a media organization to back them up. Ferrier suggests that freelancers not only negotiate things like pay, but also talk to the news outlet about how it deals with online harassment: “As journalists, our jobs are online.” Shutting down all social media accounts in the face of attacks is not an option.

“The Canadian Journalism Project (J Source, 12/12/16) on ‘predatory trolls’: ‘They will attack your family, your sources, your employer, and they rarely work alone.’

“If Big Media can’t do much but want to do something, one option is to moderate comment sections. The Canadian Journalism Project (12/12/16) examined a 2016 Guardian study focusing on gender, revealing the ‘water is wet’ shocker that ‘female journalists received more vile forms of harassment’ than did men. CJP noted that CBC has decreased trolling by removing comment anonymity. While cleverer trolls can work around such restrictions, Brodie Fenlon, senior director of digital news at CBC, says the network has seen a ‘better tone of comments.’

“The profession of journalism—like democracy itself—is in great danger if female reporters flee to escape cyber-harassment and doxxing, and according to Freedom House (4/26/17), that’s what’s starting to happen. But Freedom House has good news: The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom created the Women’s Reporting Point. With it, female journalists can report misogynist cyber-attacks via encrypted messaging. Even better:

“‘Trained female staff can engage with journalists in a confidential manner to provide them with support and potential legal options. In Pakistan, the Digital Rights Foundation established a Cyber Harassment Helpline in 2016 to document cases of online abuse. The helpline, the first service of its kind in the country, also provides legal advice, digital security support and psychological counseling. In its first four months of operation, it received over 500 complaints, roughly two-thirds of which were submitted by women.’

“At least in Europe in South Asia, there’s support for reporters. The more that North Americans learn how others are protecting fundamental freedoms and rights, the more they’re informed to force Big Media here to build a wall that actually can make (North) America great.”

Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications

6E. Learn to decode the fascist myths and recognize their “dog whistles.”

If you understand the coded language that White supremacists use, then you can pull off their pointed hoods while they’re talking, and better understand when you encounter their lies online, in media, or in memes. From “okay” hand-signs (LINK) to Neo-Nazi talking points on “free speech,” “censorship,” the non-binding UN Migration suggestions, “replacement,” “White genocide,” and more, and understanding that Nazis like to accuse their enemies of doing what the Nazis are actually doing (to evade detection and turn people against the innocent).

Once you know fascists are constantly arguing in bad faith or using lies or paranoid fantasies, you can expose them to keep them from recruiting people.


Check back soon, when we’ll have a section explaining each of the following dog-whistles:

“Demographic replacement” (see “the Fourteen Words,” “the Twenty-Eight Words,” and their origin)

“Free speech”

“Nazis were socialists”

“Okay” hand-sign

Sharia Law

UN Migration Pact

“White genocide”

And we’ll also explode a range of fascist myths:

“Antifascists are the real fascists” (see below)

“Immigrants refuse to adapt to Canada”

“Immigrants take jobs/refuse to work”

“Nazis were socialists”  

Learn to spot false equivalencies, such as “Antifa or BLM [groups against genocide] are just as bad as Whitesupremacists and fascists [groups try to start genocide].” That way you can

easily counter them. 

Here’s what an historian says in the pages of Teen Vogue (how did Teen Vogue become a leading source of journalism?) says:

“Anti-fascists were stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally. Then police tried to charge them. California has not prosecuted anyone for the stabbings, but sought hundreds of charges against counter-protesters.”

6F. Learn to spot inaccurate journalism so you can politely contact journalists to get them to correct the record.

“Politely” often works—simply Tweet publicly, “I notice your recent story on W didn’t mention X but claimed that Y is actually Z. How soon will you do a story correcting that? And will you speak with experts such as A, B, or C?”

6G. Stop pretending that Neo-Nazis aren’t directly telling you they’re Neo-Nazis

Decode the slogan that the notorious White nationalist Faith Goldy loves: “It’s okay to be White” and read Matt Lieb’s explanation of it.

Decoding the white power hand-sign

Australian mass murdering terrorist Brenton Tarrant in court in New Zealand; Jasper police officers suspended for "white power” hand symbol in post-arrest photo

White House intern; alt-right leader Richard Spencer; Amber Guyger, policewoman who shot African-American man in his own apartment and later claimed she’d thought she was in her own apartment, with family; Milo Yannopoulous, whom the ADL calls a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, transphobic troll”; Amber Guyger with mother wearing racist “All Lives Matter” shirt

From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“Mike Peinovich, more commonly known by his pseudonym ‘Mike Enoch,’ is the founder of The Right Stuff (TRS) and a co-host of the Daily Shoah, a seminal podcast of the Alt-Right. Peinovich was doxed in January of 2017 and has since become one of the most recognizable white nationalist voices, regularly traveling around the United States and abroad to participate in public speaking events.

“In his own words: ‘Diversity means you’re next white people. Your heads are on the chopping block.’ —Freedom of Speech rally, Washington, D.C., June 25, 2017.

“‘White privilege is an anti-white conspiracy theory that is meant to facilitate white genocide.’ — Texas Belongs to Us rally, Austin, Texas, June 17, 2017.

“‘Racism is hardly a problem in present day Western society. The remaining gaps we see between whites and black are the result of natural inclinations and abilities and can never be corrected for.’ — ‘Anti-Racism: It’s a White Thing,’ The Right Stuff, August 10, 2013.

“‘We are not going to back down to this Jewish, cultural Marxist brainwashing that you have been indoctrinated with in order to be useful idiots for the systems of international finance, capitalism and war, which you are representing whether you know it or not. ... That’s why you are here fighting us who simply want to stand for working class white people, our rights, and our nation.’ — Traditionalist Worker Party rally, Pikeville, Kentucky, April 29, 2017.”

Read and view Contrapoints to decode fascist propaganda

“Strategy 1: Outright Denial - Never reveal your power level. Disavow anyone who reveals their power level. This means that if someone acts like a fascist, has fascist beliefs, repeats fascist talking points, and hangs out with other fascists, the fact that they publicly denounce fascism should be worth absolutely nothing to you, and shouldn’t even enter into your consideration of whether they’re a fascist.”

6H. Talk with people about what good journalism and history are teaching you about fascism and how to fight it.

History is on your side. Every single Canadian and Allied soldier in WWII was part of the international mission to destroy fascism in a battle to the death. Instead of remaining silent, speak with people in real life and share important news stories online. That way you all know the score, you’ll break the walls of silence that separate us, and you’ll begin to build the connections that lead to the solidarity we need to win this fight.

How can you use and/or modify these tactics for your union, faith community, club, school, workplace, family, or other groups?

How can you reduce barriers to solidarity so that more people can support you, and you can support more people who want to organize, fight, and win?

Share your ideas with others in the struggle!